How To Pro Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay

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The family surrounded around the hospital bed watching their loved one suffer from an incurable disease. She endures the excruciating pain due to assisted suicide being illegal. Her family has pled with doctors to help her, but nothing could be done. The doctors have already given her pain medicine and the best treatment for her disease. In the end, the patient died in anguish as her family watched. As a result, her family grieves from the loss of a loved one, but they also have to pay for medical bills, that did not help her disease. However, this family’s misery could have been more bearable with assisted suicide, but most states illegalize the cure for terminally ill patients. People who did not vote for assisted suicide states that it goes …show more content…
Patients with incurable disease do not want to deal with the medication or the treatments when they do not help. The only thing the treatments are doing is taking money away from the family, as was previously said. Even if the patient is getting treatments, the treatments may not be the best ones because the family and the patient cannot afford for the best. Therefore, the patient is still hurting, and leaves the family in debt. Now, the patient knows the treatments are not working. The patient also knows she is leaving her family in debt after she is gone. Therefore, the best option to her is to commit suicide so she does not suffer and the family will not be in financial debt. Since assisted suicide is not legal, she uses an unreliable method of death. Micah Issitt and Heather Newton write about the untrustworthy options for death: "Acting independently of a physician 's advice, patients may choose unreliable methods to end their lives, such as drug overdoses, firearms, and asphyxiation" (Issitt and Newton 4). Essentially, assisted suicide is a more efficient and reliable way to end the life of a patient. After the patient chooses an unreliable method, like a drug overdose, the patient could be in more pain than they were before the attempt at suicide. In the article, Assisted Suicide is a Civil Right, Micah Issitt and Heather Newton wrote why assisted suicide is better for the patient 's health: "In some cases, suicide attempts may fail, rendering patients left with injuries that only increase their pain and suffering" (Issit and Newton 4). In other words, assisted suicide allows patients to end their life painlessly and quicker. To conclude, families do not want to watch their loved ones endure the excruciating pain, nor does the patient want to experience it when they only have a few weeks to live. Overall, the legalization of assisted suicide needs to

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