Benefits Of The Death Penalty

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Seeing a person that is just about to be killed in front of many people will bring fear to many want to be murder criminals and it will stop people from committing a murder crime. Many people say that capital punishment or also known as the death penalty brings fear and scares everyone that they should not commit a murder crime. Reason for the death penalty is so that it will stop the people from committing crime and that is exactly what the death penalty has done. Capital Punishment can be perceived greatly effective since the rate of murder in states that have the death penalty are slowly decreasing and the murder rates in states that don’t have the death penalty are going up, ever since the reinstatement of the death penalty the murder …show more content…
The officials say that the death penalty is used to get vengeance for the family that had just lost a loved one and that is the reason why the death penalty is mostly used for murder crimes or criminals, even though the death penalty is used for mostly vengeance the lawyers and officers say that the death penalty should not be used since killing the criminal will not bring the victim back to life. Many police officers say that the death penalty should not be used because the criminal that is being put on the death penalty is just trying to take a quick way out of life without killing themselves the officers say that the death should not be used and that the criminals should serve a life time and that they should die in jail for all of the killing that the criminal has done. Police officers say that it will cost more money for them to do the death penalty since the penitentiary or the prison has to by the lethal injection which cost the jail a lot of money and the jail gets the money from the state. It will not cost as much money for the jail or the penitentiary if the prisoner had to only serve a lifetime instead of having to by the lethal …show more content…
The other 19 states do not have the death penalty and they use the life sentence. The reason why they have the life time sentence is because they do not have that much crime even though the crime rate is going up in those 19 states. Some of the most recent states to get rid of the death penalty are Nebraska, New York, and New Mexico another state that is on the brink of getting rid of the death penalty is Connecticut. Connecticut is trying to get rid of the death penalty is because the governor of Connecticut says that the death penalty is inhuman and is against the constitution because the death penalty is un ordinary and is painful. The reason why it can be painful is because of the lethal injection since one of the prisoners could not breathe and was going into shock and after 10 minutes the prisoner still did not die that is why the governor says that he is trying to get rid of the death penalty. The governor also says that the death penalty is inhuman and should not be used is because is showing a bad example to all of the kids and all of the people in the state of Connecticut because it could show a bad example the example that it is showing is that it is okay to kill someone since no one like them or says that they are just a waste of

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