Reality Television Shows Corrupt The Minds Of Our Youth? Essay examples

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Does Reality television shows corrupt the minds of our youth? Nowadays, it becomes rare not to run into reality television when flipping the channels. defined reality television as a television program focusing on members of the public living in conditions created especially by the program makers. Reality television has been around since “1980s” but it became increasingly popular recently. According to a study from Journal of Advertising Research, the audiences of reality television are “young people who strove for popularity and physical attractiveness were more likely to feel connected to reality-television programs. Conversely, teens who craved excitement were less likely to be connected to reality programming.” Many of show titles that are under the genre of reality television include Real World, American Idol, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Teen Mom and many more. With the popularity of reality television, it becomes difficult for parents to block out their teens from it. Reality television shows are bad influences on teenagers physically and emotionally by causing many body image issues, promoting negative behaviors such as fighting, drinking, and sexual activities and idolizing materialistic products.
Body image issues are one of the main issues caused by reality television. According to a study from Elsevier volume 8, “Previous research has indicated that exposure to thin-ideal media is associated with negative psychological outcomes for viewers,…

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