Real Or Fake Reality Essay

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Real or Fake Reality

Reality television is a part of everyday life and not everyone realizes that they 're a part of it somehow. It is a colorful picture on how it affects our world and the people we are. Society has become one big reality television show which means that it’s becoming hard to see where television stops and the real world begins. Without reality television, it would be hard to really feel how society should act in order to fix our world to become indestructible. If there wasn’t a show about a mom that was suffering with cancer, then the world would never understand what it’s like to have a deadly disease and to try taking care of her own young children. Reality TV shows real situations and how it affects not just everyone,
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They claim that shows display moral objections and make fun of the values America holds for everyone in society. James Poniewozik, a media and television columnist, believes “ although there are some valid moral objections to reality TV-- for example, there is deception involved in Joe Millionaire-- mostly reality TV is quality satire. Indeed, it ridicules some of the most honored American values like team spirit over glorification (Survivor) and marrying for love rather than money (Joe Millionaire)” (1). People like Poniewozik argue that by performing deception towards having beliefs in things can result in not telling the truth about being famous. They also believe that by making fun of society 's values can result in everyone else copying what actors do on shows for their actions on turning the values into nothing and not caring about them. Some audiences’ fear that by having a show that promotes bad behavior can create a popular show and give out a bad message. Ben Bowman,a RedEye contributor, said that because Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend filmed a sex tape that caused everyone across the world to know who she was. After the sex tape leaked “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was aired. Naysayers have the idea that by doing something bad can cause a reality show to be created …show more content…
AIDS became important to the world when there was a reality show on an actor that was living with the disease. In the words of Ben Bowman, a RedEye contributor, “ In 1994, AIDS became the leading cause of death for all Americans between the ages of 25 and 44. Zamora was caught in the tide. During the San Francisco season of “The Real World”, Zamora was filmed educating his housemates and others about the reality of living with HIV… AIDS had a face and a name (1-2).”By airing a reality show that descibes in intense details the struggles of being diagnosed with something can really get to the audience by letting them know how important a disease is. The audience can learn the struggles that one person can go through with having AIDS. From this, society will learn how to prevent getting AIDS. AIDS is a big deal, but society should focus on making the best of life. Airing reality shows can demonstrate how someone who is suffering with something can make the best of things and make memorable moments. According to Hank Stuever, an American Journalist, if anyone that has a loved one that was diagnosed with cancer or with any disease that causes death, then family members should always stay close to each other and always make the most of things by using up the time left that the family member has to live (2). Having a good relationship with family and or

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