The Importance Of Reading In High School

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As many kids were taught at an early age how to read and write I was too in Kindergarten by my older sister. Kids my age after school usually finished any homework assigned; then played with friends or watch television. On the other hand, I was taught in my old house which was pretty small and my sister, whom taught me it; she was in third grade She would love to play to “school” with me, it went a little like “I’ll be the teacher and you can be the student”. I would come home from a long day at school all tired, wanting to sleep and just wanting to stuff my face because of hunger. On the other hand, my sister was never tired, she had the energy to run a mile after school, which is why she always forced to me to learn the minute she came home. I was beyond terrified of her because she would always threaten to tell my Mom that instead of eating my vegetables for lunch I would throw them out if I didn’t play “school” with her. In fear of her threat, I would just be quiet and learn. I might’ve hated playing it with her, but it will benefit me in the future considering the fact my reading was improving as I was going. I would get home exactly thirty minutes before my sister arrived. I spent that time outside playing with my …show more content…
I would go to school and come home get a quick break and then my sister or who I had to refer to as the “teacher” would make me sit for another decade. Thankfully, I decided not to bear with her anymore, ran to my mom and complained about me. Then we had figured out that she sat for less than half the time I sat down to study. So the compromise made everyone happy including me. I am thankful for the fact that someone even sat me down to practice or else my reading and writing probably would have never been corrected and perfected as it is now considered the fact that English was not my first

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