Reading Comprehension Strategies For Students Essay

1545 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
Reading is essential to everyday living, the failure to read will restrict student’s ability to understand basic Math, Language Arts, Science or Social studies. Students with reading difficulties need support for their deficit in a specific skill with different strategies. The two reading difficulties for ESE students and how I will address the difficulties in my future classroom are difficulty with high – frequency sight words using a multi-sensory approach that combines language experience with visual, kinesthetic and tactile (VAKT) instructional techniques. (). Also, the difficulty of identifying main idea and supporting details using reading comprehension strategy, directed reading/thinking activity (DRTA) this approach will enhance student’s comprehension of questioning techniques that helps with understanding of a text. The reading difficulties for ESOL/ELL students are difficulty of vocabulary meaning using the word card and difficulty of remembering information presented orally using story grammar strategy to enhance students understanding of the oral read text. To be more fluent in reading students will automatically recognize words in a reading passage. ESE students may need adjustments to aid them in immediate recognize high frequency words is the Fernald Method. The approach combine language experience with visuals, kinesthetic and tactile instructional techniques. The approach consists of four steps that will help ESE students recognize sight…

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