Essay about Reading And Writing Vs. Writing

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Are reading and writing connected? People may have a different answer to that question, some can argue that throughout someones’ life reading and writing are both essential to be successful; while others believe that reading and writing are not necessary to be notable in what one can achieve in his or her lifetime, thus resulting in a different life choices according to one’s belief. There are certain jobs that do not demand reading and writing as part of their fundamental job requirements, and in other jobs you cannot succeed unless you expand your knowledge and vocabulary, and in doing that it brings a great deal of academic success, making it possible to obtain a well paying job, and open many doors to be truly prosperous in life.
There are jobs that do not require much reading and writing in order to have great success; professional athletes are a great example. There are many professional athletes that do not graduate college, and still are one of the wealthiest people in the country. Proving that not knowing one or the other (reading and writing) does not always mean success, and that reading and writing do not share a connection. In the case of professional athletes, they often hire others to do the reading or the writing for them, not needing to know one or the other to achieve success within their careers. If they were able to achieve success without furthering their education, and apply both reading and writing to their success, why can’t others do it as well?…

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