Reading And Literacy Is An Effective Way Of Learning As The Students

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Practice Explained- Research
“I think using focus groups during reading and literacy is an effective way of learning as the students can learn and listen to one another” (Quoted by mentor teacher 13.09.16)

There are a significant range of experts and theorist that agree with this quote, teachers are under the assumption that all students will work and learn better in focus groups as they can have discussions, different thinking strategies and learning from each other, Vygotsky argued, "that language is the main tool that promotes thinking, develops reasoning, and supports cultural activities like reading and writing" (Vygotsky 1978). In essence, Vygotsky recognizes that learning always occurs and cannot be separated from a social context. Consequently, instructional strategies that promote the delivery of expert knowledge where students collaboratively work together to conduct work, share their grades and ideas, and produce a final project. This helps to create a collaborative learners. Knowledge construction occurs within Vygotsky 's (1962) social learning theory context that involves students to work together on real life problems that build on each person 's language, skills, and experience shaped by each individual 's culture" (Vygotsky, 1978, p. 102).
POLTs 4.2 “Promotes substantive discussion of ideas” which relates to focus groups as students work together delivering ideas, thoughts and opinions this is very important as Vygotsky…

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