Essay Reading A Notebook Or Journal Of A Former Soldier

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Primary: 1. Interviewing a veteran. 2. Reading a notebook or journal of a former soldier.

Secondary: 1. Watching a television show of the military. 2. Reading an article in the news paper.

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3 keywords for a search engine on the topic of a railroad career: 1. railroad 2. “company 's name” 3. booming careers
Searching the word railroad gave me the best results.

Research paper table of contents

Title Page - Center the title one - third of the way down the page. Needs to POP out.

Outline - Center the title one inch from the top of the page. Double - space throughout. Include the outline after the title page and before the first page of the report.

Thesis statement - A statement stating what the paper is going to be about and what it includes. This includes 3 main points and a to c list following them.

Beginning - Is the opening that grabs the reader 's attention with a dramatic comparison.

Middle - the first middle paragraphs identify the problem followed by proposed solutions.

Headings - Are intervals in the reading that help the reader understand where he or she is and helps them identify what the main point is going to be about.

Ending - The closing paragraphs summarize the main points and leave the reader with a final thought.

Work cited page - a separate page alphabetically lists sources cited in the paper. LInes that run over are indented five spaces. Must have at least 5…

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