Essay Rape Culture And Its Effect On College Campuses

1222 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Rape culture in college has come to the center of headlines in the last few years. Particularly, rape has been highlighted at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where a girl was raped, reported it, and then the administration did not conduct an appropriate investigation and at Columbia University, where a female student was raped and when action was not taken, she carried the mattress she was raped on everywhere throughout her senior year. However, at Old Dominion and SUNY Cortland, two separate fraternities displayed spray painted sheets insinuating their ability to acquire new freshman girls on campus. Such acts were condemned by the school as public uproar ensued. Society’s depiction of woman as chiefly being sexual objects, colleges inability to hold perpetrators accountable, and the widespread shaming of victims, allows fraternities to prey on females on college campuses across the country with limited deterrence and therefore perpetuates rape culture (1 in 5 Sexual Assault p. 34). It is easy to say how appalling it is for individuals in today’s society to make light of the violation of human rights, more specifically sexual assault. However, the fact that sexual assaults are not new on college campuses and still often assaults go unreported or unpunished, is the reason why events like these at Cortland and Old Dominion still occur. Perpetuators often go unpunished (1 in 5 Sexual Assault p. 34). However, in my experience thus far in college, at least on Union’s campus,…

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