Analysis Of Rap By Eminem

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Destruction of the Mind Rap is a story. A story that is written in blood, but, nevertheless, a story. However, this story contains points that affect society today and the individual listener. Rap has saved many lives, and rap has also destroyed many lives. Rap is the combination of previous experiences told through clever flows, rhymes, and beats. Rappers generally come from poverty-stricken areas. A great example is Eminem; born Marshall Mathers, he grew up in a broken family in Detroit. Which has been known to be a dying city for quite some time. Eminem’s experiences have catapulted his name in the rapper hall of fame. Rap has many different stories from broken homes to sexual abuse. It is considered music for the broken or misfortunate. Ron Wynn’s argument is flawed …show more content…
Although rap is considered music, Wynn, unfortunately fails to state how rap is promoting more violence in the youth. According to Wynn, “So, since it walks, quacks, swims, and eats like a duck…” (Wynn 1). Wynn provides a good point to the argument that rap is music. Rap has an addicting flow. The way the rappers use phonemic awareness in songs is unmatched. If it has the characteristics of music, it must be music. Wynn also says, “Rap, like the bebop insurgency in jazz, represents a new synthesis of art and life” (Wynn 1). Artists rap to express their lives to their audiences. There are many genres of music. Everyone will not have the same opinion. The definition of music is solely up to the listener. However, to present why rap could not be considered a genre is fine. When listening to rap, the lyrics may be smashed together. This will cause the

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