Theories Of Eminem

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PSY216/A Theories of Personality
Study on Personality
In this study I will examine the personality of Eminem who is a well-known American rap singer who is perceived as an aggressive by people all around the world. By focusing on his childhood development I aimed to achieve that his personality was greatly influenced and consisted by his childhood conflicts, and traumatic life events. Even if he was raised by a neglected parenting style by his mother and felt bullied among his peers; however, Eminem rose above them. Then he became the best-selling artist of the world.
Eminem is the first white American rapper in the USA. He was born in October 17, 1972 in Detroit, US. Considering his personal life Eminem is the only child of his family.
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One time, DE ‘Angelo Bailey, beat Eminem so badly so the boy suffered from head injury. Eminem was eleven years old when he wrote his first rap song. His uncle gifted him as he succeeds at his first rap song. Several years later, his uncle committed suicide and the loss significantly affected to little Eminem. Moreover, he greatly influenced by that so he stopped speaking for days and was absent from the funeral. He was always fighting with his mother since his childhood. Her mother could not raise him perfectly and she was unable to teach him the rights or wrongs because she was so busy with her own life. He repeated the classes in high school for several times, he did not care too much about school. So he was fired from high school. He was bullied in the school, and he was a lonely, poor child that no one likes. In school he was known as poet, that he likes reading dictionaries and writing some lyrics since his childhood. His writings were greatly influenced by his trouble life events from his childhood. His father left him, then he lost his uncle whom he likes most, being bullied in the school, feeling lonely and his conflicts with his mother influenced his personality so much and he wrote them in his songs as lyrics. A remarkable psychological point of Eminem's childhood was that, he created shadow side of himself. He developed his sadistic, violent, and psychopath alter ego, which he called Slim Shady. The …show more content…
Also, analyzing his behaviors by different personality theories makes it possible to catch his personality patterns properly. Theories of Freud and Erikson might be the most appropriate personality theories while focusing on the unsettled psychological development of Eminem. Sigmund Freud's Psychodynamic Theory that perceives human personality as the result of largely unconscious forces and internal conflicts among the structures of human mind. Because psychosexual conflicts does not constitutes the huge part of Eminem's personality of psychological conflicts, it will be appropriate to focus mostly on other personality dimensions that affects human personality of Freud while studying personality of Eminem. So, the Psychodynamic Theory could explain the roots of Eminem's psychological struggles by focusing on his unconscious childhood conflicts. On the other hand, Erik Erikson developed influential theories of development, which is Psychosocial Development Theory. He studied human psychosocial development stage by stage through his life. Even if Sigmund Freud significantly affected Erikson’s theory, Erikson focused mostly on the psychosocial development of people rather than their psychosexual development. Hence, Psychosocial Development Theory would be appropriate

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