Cultural Influences Of 2upac

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Tupac Shakur know as 2Pac is a remarkable person who shaped modern American culture by becoming an influential rapper back in the days.
Tupac was born in June,16 of 1971 in New York city. Tupac had a very difficult childhood. His mother, who were a Black Panther activism was pregnant of him while she was in jail and he only got to know his biological father when he was an adult. Raised in a bad area, he spent most of the time around of bad companies. Since he was young, he was exposed to violence and bad attitudes.

People could see that he had a lot of talent since he was little.His first acting stint was in 1983, when he performed in a play ‘A raisin in the sun’ at the Apollo theater.He studied jazz, poetry acting and ballet at the Baltimore
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His first debut solo album was called ‘2Pacalypse Now’ also in 1991. It was a controversy album, the lyrics talked a lot about racism, poverty, violence, and teenage pregnancy.People loved it and he became very popular.His second album ‘Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z’ was out in 1993.It was more successful than the first one and contained the hits which people listen still nowadays ‘keep Ya Head Up’ and ‘I Get Aroud’.He formed a group’Thug Life along with other rappers, Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur, Rated R and others.They made a lot os succes, they released one album ‘Thug Life: Volume 1’ in 1994..The album was certified Gold in the …show more content…
To preserve his legcy, his mother founded the Shakur Family Foundation.The main cause of the foundation was to proide trainning and support for students who wants to follow theire talents. The foundation was oppen in Georgis on JUne of 2005.
In 2003 a documentar was made about Tupac, by his mother’s supervision, and it was nominated the best documentary in 2005 for the Academy Awards.
A professor named Neal also indicated that the death of Shakur has left a ‘leadership void amongst hip-hop artist’
He was not just know in america, he was an internacional celebraty.Every where in the world you can find people who know who is Tupac and what he was.He didnt just changed the way of the music, he changed the way of life and thinking about a lot of people.Not always in a good way but still his legacy will not be erased.even in my country, in the neighbourhood of ipanema there is a huge draw of his face with some

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