Ram Basic Study Sheet Essay

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Ram Basics – is used for programs and data, and by the operating system for disk caching( using ram to hold recently accessed disk sectors).
DRAM – Dynamic-RAM requires frequent charges of memory to retain its content or dose need to be refreshed.
SRAM – Static-RAM does not need to be refreshed.
SDRAM- Synchronous Dynamic-RAM, was first to run in sync with the processor bus
DDR SDRAM – Double Data Rate , performs two transfers per clock cycle rather than one as in regular
ATA Specs – A series of standards for ATA/IDE and SATA drives are referred to as ATA specs.
PIO stands for Programed Input Output and UDMA stands for Ultra Direct Memory
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File names and extensions – LFN (LONG FILE NAMES) can have as many as 255 characters and can contain spaces and most other alphanumeric characters but not ?/!@#$%^&*(( but it can contain a period like this .doc. CHKDSK.EXE – check disk, Windows includes this program to check disk drives for errors.
Authentication Technologies - is a term for any method used to verify a persons identity and protect systems against unauthorized access.
Protection against Viruses and Malware – Updated Anti-virus software
Social Engineering – or “phishing” are terms of method to trick people in to getting robed on the net.
Preventing ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) - Use antistatic wrist strap or mat, touch the chassis of the PC
Using a Trouble shooting Process - 1 Ascertain what the problem is. 2. Write down the probable causes.3. Determine if theories are correct through testing. 4 Create and implement a plan to resolve the problem. 5. Verify that the problem has been fixed. 6 document the entire process.
What component to check first – Typically hardware problems come and go whereas software and firmware problems are consistent, because a hardware problem is often the result of damage or lose wire or connection, but a software or firmware problem causes failure every time.
It’s a good idea to check the least expensive or the easiest to replace first. Or

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