Essay on Racism And The African American Community

1084 Words Oct 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Today, it is certainly normal for conflict and issues too frequently surface in our communities. In the African-American community the rise in disputes and issues have severely emerged. In our modern and past societies, the African-American community is consistently receiving hatred, detestation, and revulsion. According to the media, the African-American community has a wide array of imperfections and is miserably collapsing, which I wholly refute. The belief that all members of the black community possess certain characteristics is prejudice towards the community. The record of wrong doings done to African-Americans throughout our U.S. history is wide-ranging and truly disturbing. The Civil Rights movement embraced social movements intended to end racial segregation, which is supposed to bring a nation together? Right? The negative assumptions, speculations, and presumptions that African-American communities receive, is simply well-known as racism. Our modern society has been exposed to various occurrences of inequalities in the African-American communities, specifically police brutality. The challenges African-Americans face on a daily basis is absurd. For instance, racial profiling, unemployment, and systemic racism are one of the short list of challenges African-American encounter frequently. Although, I could elaborate on many issues that African-American communities face, I would like to primarily focus on “cultural oppression”, for African-Americans the risk of being…

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