Racism : A Society Becomes Post Racial Essay

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It is really hard a society becomes post-racial. But it is not impossible. Actually, I believe that besides we are really far from it, we are also walking in the right direction. But, this discussion must to begin with the next questions: What is a post-racial society? What is race and racism? How can we avoid this action? In an introductory way, race can be the response to the question “what are you?” and have relationship with culture, beliefs and what part the world the person came from. Racism is the action to avoid and discriminate people that have these features different when compared with other person. A post-racial society is a kind of community which have no racism, because the people inside this society does not care to race, for them, all the people is equal and everything is accepted. We can avoid racism, the first step is to want it, believing that we can make the difference. Each person has the power to change this situation. Racism is a big problem, a problem that everyone has the right and responsibility to fight against it. Since its appearance in 2008, to announce the rise of Barack Obama, the concept that a post-racial society was being born was wrong. According to Jonathan Capehart: “That giddy moment when Obama won the bitterly fought South Carolina primary and the audience chanted “Race doesn’t matter” is but a distant memory.”[1] News, research and studies that have emerged in the second half of 2014 made clear this. Fatal episodes between police…

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