Racial Profiling Is The Act Of Suspecting Or Targeting A Person Of A Race

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Racial profiling

Racial profiling is the act of suspecting or targeting a person of a certain race based on a stereotype about their race. Racial profiling occurs twice as much to minorities such as Latinos,African americans and Arabs than it does to white americans. Racial profiling has led to many disputes around the united states and now racial profiling is commonly used by hundreds and thousands of people around the country.

Minorities face twice as much racial profiling than white americans. “The federal office of personnel management report that when education, performance rating and other factors are held the constant african americans are twice as likely as whites to be dismissed from government jobs” (Mullings 17). When it comes to companies dismissing employees from their companies most companies will look at minorities and dismiss them from their jobs no matter how much they contribute to their companies. Racial profiling plays a big deal in this problem because only minorities are targeted when companies need to dismiss employees. It 's not just only companies that use racial profiling. Banks also use racial profiling to when minorities apply for loans “African americans are turned down for loans at two-and-a-half times the rate of whites” (Mullings 18). African americans are turned down for loans mostly because banks think they can 't pay them back. Banks are now using racial profiling on minorities as well and banks will often think that minorities…

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