Racial Profiling In Criminal Justice

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After the Civil Rights Movement, people believe that racial profiling ended. Unfortunately, who knows that racial profiling is still reflected throughout the criminal justice system and despite the victories of the civil rights about 30 years ago. Racial profiling refers to the discriminatory practice of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on individual 's race or ethnicity. Racial profiling still exists today because people tend to judge others based solely on their ethnicity and appearance. Humans have their own beliefs to view others differently. This is unfortunate since it affects people 's confidence and they feel that they are not treated equally.
In recent year, the cops are stopping people because of their ethnicity.
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Many people are afraid of another person based on their looks because they think those people are criminals. As Herbert claims, “People are stopped for alleged by ‘furtive movements,’ for wearing clothes ‘commonly used in a crime’, and, of course, for the ‘suspicious bulge’” (9). These police are being racist and judgmental based on the way others dress. America is a free country, however people get judged on unessential things, which makes them feel frustrated and less confident about themselves. As reported by Actor and Designer Waris Ahluwalia Kicked Off Plane Because Of His Turban, Nadya Agrawal emphasized that “When his Gap ad ran, many of the billboards featuring Ahluwalia were vandalized with racist graffiti. The slogan for the campaign was ‘Make Love’ but one person wrote ‘Make Bombs,’ referencing misconception many have about Sikhs” (P6). It is the not the right thing for people to judge others without knowing the truth. Although the security at the airport were afraid due to terrorism, Ahluwalia already passed through the TSA protocols. It was totally unacceptable for the security to not let him go due to his turban. He felt completely unfair and disappointed at the unprofessional action toward him. Admittedly, some people might think judging others is not a bad action and not a big deal because they just want to protect themselves from those who look suspicious, but it is really matter for

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