Essay about Racial Profiling And The Civil Rights Movement

1450 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Equal rights for people of different races have come a long way since the civil rights movements in 1954 but we are still a long way from truly all having equal rights. Throughout all of history people of color have been treated poorly by the white man ,whether it 's slavery and genocide or just not giving people of color the ability to speak or live for themselves. Over the past 60 years we have come a very long way but racial profiling is keeping us from continuing the progression towards equality.

Racial profiling is common in law enforcement, whether its pulling over a person of color because they just seem more suspicious or if its shooting and attacking a colored person based off of stereotype based suspicions. Many people believe that law enforcement doesnt have this problem but with internalized racism its hard for someone to completely remain uninfluenced by these thoughts. With the image that society and media have built up around colored people most people are more suspicious. Media has painted people who are black or hispanic as partiers and gang members and drug dealers and its built up an image of terrorists around middle eastern people.(Jost)
Due to racial profiling young african american men are more likely to be shot or attacked by police or suspected for crimes. Mike brown and Tamir Rice are two more recent young men who got shot due to suspicions. Although there is much conflict over the Brown shooting the shooting of Tamir Rice is clear. The young…

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