Racial Profiling : An Effective Way Of Criminals And Stopping Crime

1270 Words Nov 6th, 2015 6 Pages
Racial profiling is not an effective mean to stop crime and is highly offensive in the workplace or any social setting. One of the biggest misconceptions of racial profiling is that it would be efficient if only law enforcement agencies were able to use it, that by using racial profiling, they are pinning one hand behind their back in the name of racial equality. Racial profiling side track law enforcement agencies from more useful approaches to stop crime. When people are detained based on suspicious behavior rather than race, police will catch more suspects. Pro racial profiling debaters may say, "Law enforcement profiling works; Police profiling is an effective way of catching criminals and stopping crime, and allows police to prioritize their efforts on areas where crime is higher, and needs to be halted." Upon what proof is this argument based, I say? This is not an argument; it is nothing more than a preconceived notion that is not rooted on a foundation. If they wish to make an assertion they need to have real reasons why that notion is true to back it up. Pro also may say,"Racial profiling is not racist; black, Caucasian, or Mexican, a criminal is a criminal, and if more African Americans than Hispanics commit crime, the police should focus their duties on blacks, which is for the protection of citizens, and to make attempts to stop crime, so if the black citizens commit the crimes, stop the black people, if the white people are the majority of the criminal…

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