Race : Race For The Future Essay

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Jacob Jester
Mrs Wesbecher
College English
15 September 2015 Race for the Future
Bang! The shot rings out. Just moments ago the two runners lined up, glancing at each other with a taste of disgust, while thinking how surreal it was that they were once teammates. Nerves trembling from head to toe, each competitor is anticipating the gun as well as every move the other runner is going to make before the race has even started. The two countries are off and out at a pretty steady pace. Each finding new trails to cut down this very lengthy race by miniscule amounts of distance and time. Both fighting for this one goal, and doing whatever possible in their power to keep the other team from winning. As they round the last turn, Russia kicks on the burners and takes the lead. Finishing one step ahead, he feels at the top of the world in that very moment. In essence, demonstrating how the Soviet Union and United States felt during the space race.
As the Second World War ends, another war begins. This war lasts close to 45 years between two superpower countries: Soviet Union and United States. Both countries have many aspects in common when it comes to strength in military presence. This in turn leads to a very stressful and tensely filled atmosphere between the two rivals (“The Cold War Erupts”).
This war leads directly into the race to the greater unknown, and now seen as the new frontier. Once again, these nations trying to prove which country is “the strongest nation”. Both…

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