Race Is Complicated For Us Asian Americans Essay

1861 Words Jun 9th, 2015 null Page
Race is complicated for us Asian Americans. We aren’t as disadvantaged as some races, yet we also aren’t as privileged as others. On one hand, we face harsh racial criticism. Asian Americans are perpetually seen as foreigners. Many White Americans often ask Asian Americans, “Where are you from?” or, in other words, “Why don’t you look like me?” The world is taught to believe that White Americans are the default Americans, and that the rest are outsiders. Asian Americans are not outsiders. Asian Americans are Americans. Asian Americans are also highly exoticized and fetishized, which is dehumanizing. For instance, White males who have “Yellow Fever” are obsessed with Asian women and the idea that they are submissive and hypersexual. Simply put, these types of men label Asian women as sex objects. However, despite having these disadvantages in society, Asian Americans also have some privileges. People assume we are intelligent and hard working. Therapist and professor Liz Lin says, “[Asian Americans are] assumed to be good tenants, reliable employees, responsible citizens—not troublemakers. Teachers and police officers—and maintenance workers—tend to believe the best about us and not to suspect or fear us” (Lin, 2014). Whereas Asian Americans are mostly safe from social stigma, Black Americans are not. Asian Americans do not have the same disadvantages or history of oppression as Black Americans. America’s slave history engendered Black American racism, which continues to…

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