Claude Mckay: Analysis Of If We Must Die

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Nancy Paul
Eng. 200
Calley Hornbuckle, PhD
October 21, 2017

Part I (Summary Sentence) “Analysis of a poem in terms of themes and rhetorical strategies” was written by an unknown author, agues the Claude McKay poem "If We Must Die", portrays the conflicts between blacks and whites in America and addresses the oppression and strong hate for blacks during the 20th Century, but through strength and the persistence that racism was more of a hindrance toward the goal of equal rights.

Part II (Main Ideas) Using complete sentences, list 3-5main ideas from article/chapter (in your own words). If you use the writer’s words, put them in quotes, but try to summarize in your OWN words. The gist of the list should be in your words, your terms, your syntax (word order).

1) A call for blacks to take action against oppression and fight for what is right.
2) Claude McKay background and his ideas on black social matters
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These attributes include; “Honor, Bravery, Purpose, Identity, Alienation, Rebellion, Community Development, Mortality, Masculinity and Men, and Warfare.” (UKEssay, 2015) The first line of McKay’s poem “If we must die, let it not be like hogs” incites the image of bravery, as helpless hogs getting ready to be slaughtered in their pens. If we are going to die, let’s not die being held hostage due to racism and inhumane is like hogs who are hunted and mercilessly penned in a cage. McKay poem incites people to be brave and fight for their rights regardless of the outcome. "Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!" (McKay, 11)

The poem “If We Must Die” by Claude McKay, shows the transformation the racism of the black American from a weak and oppressed state to a strong and powerful state. The strength and persistence that racism was more of a hindrance toward the goal of equal rights and the need to fight for justice among all men.

Part V (Thesis

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