Response to Langston Hughes' Poem I, too, sing America Essay

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Hughes, Langston. “I Too. Sing America.” New York Times 5 Jan 2010: A16 Online.

[Summary] This poem is about the struggle of a working minority, a black man, suffering the hardship of unfair labor. Langston Hughes gives out such a real and positive impact on the read, too which makes them think about how they can hope for the future. '' But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong '' This doesn't only suggest that he is getting stronger physically but also mentally which states that he doesn't take the slavery personal and hopes for tomorrow and he knows that tomorrow will be better and he believes that
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The first line of the second stanza states "I am the darker brother" -- meaning he may be
African American, but he is still an American. The following five meters state "They send me to eat in the kitchen. When company comes, but I laugh, and eat well, and grow strong". The use of "I" here is showing that African Americans do not worry about what is being done, but how they are growing stronger as segregation continues, knowing soon they will be equal. The third stanza shows what the future will be like, or as Hughes uses the metaphorical "tomorrow." The stanza reads "Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table when company comes. Nobody’ll dare say to me, "Eat in the kitchen," Then". The use of "I" helps showing the African American community will soon rise and be one with the rest of America. The fourth stanza concludes in a way which states African Americans are not inherently bad, but inherently good. The stanza reads "Besides, they’ll see how beautiful
I am and be ashamed – I, too, am America". Here Hughes says that once African
American's are recognized as equal, everyone will see they are not bad and that they are beautiful as well as part of America. Langston Hughes is a talented poet who uses metaphors and his own style of writing to increase the effectiveness of his overall message. His usage of "I" helps reiterate that he too is an American and will not be let down by society nor will other African

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