Race And Reunion : The Civil War Essay

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The book, Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, by David Blight, characterizes America’s memory of the Civil War conflict. Blight establishes the battle for reform between Northerners and Southerners differences in beliefs. The North and South, reunion after the Civil War, had three major topics, reconciliation, white supremacy and emancipation, Blight, addresses the foundation our Unions firm grasps for freed slaves with emancipationist. Restore the Union and reunite the states after the Civil War, why injustice against African Americans is put on hold, and fueled the reconciliation. Blight stresses that it was at the expense of the freedom of African Americans and gaining their equal rights. However, after the war the policy that was put in place would only increase the racial problems in the South with newly freed African-Americans, struggling to assimilate into the society and be accepted is equal citizens in the reconstruction of the union. Why did the Union want this war on equal rights for slaves, to only not enforce these policies in reunion with the South? Blight, glances into the remembrance of the Civil War experience both sides and how the idea of reuniting the United States, Northern and Southern to heal at the same time while assimilating reconciliation between these two groups to only deflate the major civil rights conflict of the Civil War.
The North and African Americans in the South embraced those who fought for liberty and Equality, however…

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