Why The South Won Reconstruction

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There were many hard fought battles in the Civil War. But, arguably the biggest battle the United States went through, was the Reconstruction of the Civil War. The North may have won the war, but the South got their fair share of victory during reconstruction. The South did everything in their power to make sure “equality” was only preserved for the white man even though slavery was abolished. Once a black man was considered a free slaved, the South would not try to accept change, rather, they refused to respect any freedoms given to a black man. The South never budged with their beliefs and that is why they won the Reconstruction of the Civil War.
The big question with the reconstruction, “What will become of the former slaves?”. The slaves
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Johnson was a steady supporter of slaves, and he owned slaves until 1862. He was a supporter of slavery, but he was not a supporter for the “upper class of the South”. Johnson had very little support with his plan of reconstruction. The southern states recognized that slavery was abolished, but they wanted to do everything in their power to make it seem like the war never happened. White owners began to think of a way they could stand up for themselves and form their own reconstruction …show more content…
The KKK’s objective was to keep black men from going to vote, instill fear into the black community, and ultimately return things to the way it was before. “The Klan went on a rampage of whipping, hanging, shooting, burning, and throat-cutting to defeat Republicans and restore white supremacy.” (Roark et al 448) With constant racial harassment, the black men stop going to vote. One by one, the Republican state governments collapsed in the South. In doing so, reconstruction began to fall apart also. There was a group of democrats called the “Redeemers”, who promised to save the South from an “African American takeover”. In the election of 1876, democrat Samuel J. Tilden won the popular vote against republican Rutherford B. Hayes, but he did not win the electoral

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