Analysis Of R. G. Letourneau: The Gift Of Leadership

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Leadership is a fantastic trait that many people have but few use. R.G. LeTourneau is one of the few that chose to use his gift of leadership. The event that I chose for R.G.’s leadership moment may not seem like a big deal in the decision making but the decision had large impacts on humanity. Like in his youth, R.G. Letourneau, was a patriotic man. He loved his country and wanted to help with the war efforts. During the time of WWI, he was coming off of a neck injury and that made him unable to join the armed services, despite this he still pursued his dream of helping out. Fast forward twenty or so years and R.G. is back in the same position but now with the resources to help. His decision to enter into the war effort in 1940 changed …show more content…
Letourneau’s legacy lives on. Three such lessons that come to mind are, doing your part for your country, valuing human life, and using the gifts that God has given you. I have touched briefly on all of these but wanted to go deeper in detail about how this impacts my life. I feel that R.G. displayed an excellent amount of pride in his country, the USA, and lived out his life in a way that he could help change the world with his influence as a businessman not as a grunt in the lines of battle. Secondly, the lesson about valuing human life has a strong core belief. In the Bible one of the commandments is not to murder, and while war may in the farthest stretch of someone’s imagination as not murdering, it still is murder. R.G. knows the value of life and experiences firsthand what is it like to lose a son at that age. I personally hope to never have to experience such a loss but I feel that I can still do my part in today’s battle against murder by being Pro Life and letting God decide who lives and dies. Lastly, R.G. uses the gifts that God has given to him on a level so much above what I have in my life already that it puts me to shame. God has given me talents and gifts that I have just scratched the surface of. I have learned an important lesson from R.G. Letourneau that life is short and God has given us gifts for a reason. Thus I should be putting myself out and using the abilities that I have been given for

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