Romo Dalaire Case Study

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Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire was assigned for a peace-keeping mission when the mass murder of the Tutsi clan by the Hutus occurred in Rwanda. Dallaire was not to blame for the Rwanda genocide. He followed his orders as a soldier, he did not fail to take initiatives in the midst of the circumstances, and he was involved in humanitarian work subsequent to the genocide. As a soldier, Dallaire was trained to focus only on the commands provided with no questions asked. Nonetheless, Dallaire devised different strategies for the genocide since he saw that peaceful tactics did not suffice. When the Hutu-Tutsi conflict was resolved and the genocide was over, Dallaire returned to Canada with a heart to help which he acted upon by …show more content…
Dallaire remains incredibly active in humanitarian work to this day. He was designated as a special advisor in the Canadian International Development Agency. Dallaire strategized for matters relating to war-affected children all over the world. He was also a Fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy where he deals with matters relating to non-proliferation of small arms. In 2005 until 2014, Dallaire was appointed as a Canadian Senator but he eventually chose to resign from his position in order to devote more time in humanitarian work. He also founded The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. His organization works to eliminate the use of child-soldiers in war. He is also a champion for human rights specifically for women, war-affected children, and Aboriginals. He also advocates genocide prevention initiatives, and the Responsibility to Protect creed. He also wrote the book Shake Hands With the Devil – the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda where he documented his experiences in Rwanda. In 2004, his book was awarded the Governor General’s Literary Award on Non-Fiction and become a movie in 2007. Though Roméo Dallaire was no longer part of the Canadian Forces, he continues to serve his nation and the

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