Questions On Sixth Grade - Fifth Grade Essay

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Seventh grade I simultaneously tapped my leg on the floor and my pencil to my desk. I looked around the room and examined all of my classmates. No one seemed as nervous as me. My teacher slid my test towards me and I felt my stomach drop as soon as I read the first couple of questions. I had no idea what any of the information was and I knew there was absolutely no way I was passing the test. What’s ridiculous is that even though I didn’t study, I felt bad for myself. “Are you okay?” my teacher asked. He looked at me knowing I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t sure what to say to him but I decided to just be honest. “I didn’t study for this at all and I have no idea what the test is on,” I blurted out. I regretted it right away, however, even if I didn’t say anything he would have known once he graded my test. “You knew the date of the test and you had a packet to practice,” he jolted back at me. I sunk down in my seat, considering the fact that he was right. This was the first time I felt life hit me in the face. I knew I didn’t do any of my homework and didn’t study at home because I was too focused on my family. When I was in school, I couldn’t pay attention because my mind was always racing. After returning home from school that day, I walked into my everyday life. Alcohol bottles on the floor and cigarette smoke in the air. My mother was passed out on the kitchen table. I tip-toed around her and placed my backpack on the floor. She heard me sit next to her and mumbled…

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