Essay on Questions On Self Regulated Learning

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To understand some of the research developments there are some technical terms that should be described first. Self-regulated learning is another way to discuss student-centered learning mentioned previously which involves active participation of the learner. Attribution styles are determined by how a person interprets the cause of a situation. There are two types of questionnaires discussed in the research. The first being the ‘Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire’, which is a list of 36 questions regarding behavior in the classroom. This test requires answers ranging 1-7 on how much the statement pertains to one’s self. One meaning not true to self at all while seven meaning very true to self (Tavakolizadeh, 2011, p. 1093). The other test mentioned is the ‘Children’s Attribution Style Questionnaire’, which gives two situations, one good and one not so good, and requires a thoughtful response. The participants are asked to put themselves in that situation and think of the causes and then answer a couple questions on the causes and the importance to them. Their responses would shed some light on internal, stable, and global dimensions of attribution. Internal attribution is when a person’s behavior is thought to be caused by personal reasons. Stable attribution is behavior due to constant factors. Global attributions are behavior due to generalized thought. There was a specific case study was held during the 2008-2009 school year where researchers were looking…

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