Questions On Human Resource Specialists Essay

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Week #6
Team 1
The One Minute Manager Human resource specialists will say that the best managers follow a one-minute leadership style; that is, their way of operating does not take a lot of time. Good managers are concise, focused, and on top of the ball. Above all, the one-minute manager puts quality over quantity. A model one-minute manager pays attention to maintaining one-minute goals, one-minute praising, and one-minute reprimands. One-minute goals refers to management and their followers agreeing on what needs to be done, coming up with a dually-approved statement of the goals, establishing a clear line of communication, and following up with continuous reviews of goals and their statuses. One-minute praising involves making sure that employees know from the start that they will be given feedback on their performance, clearly linking such feedback and praise to a measurable reward, and sending a positive message from manager to follower to encourage employee performance to enhance. One-minute reprimanding follows the principle of reprimanding a behavior versus reprimanding the employee, with emphasis on keeping the conversation as positive, short, and to-the-point as possible. (Blanchard & Johnson, 1981).

One Minute Manager Example
One of my first jobs as an Accounting Clerk, I had a manager who sat down with me to go over what my job entailed. During this meeting we came up with a set of goals that needed to be accomplished during my probationary…

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