Reflection Paper In Counseling

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Leadership Counseling
I would like to take this time and speak on something that is often omitted completely and when it is performed it is not done so correctly. It is the subject of counseling. I have been in many organizations and assigned to many units. The one thing that all of these elements have in common is that the leaders are either lethargic or simply do not worry about counseling their subordinates. This is a mistake. As a leader, you must ensure that everyone that follows you know what the organizational standards are, as well as, comprehend what your enforceable standards look like – not only that, but they should understand where they stand in comparison to those guidelines and standards at all times. This however is often
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Regardless to where you are within the rank structure of the organization counseling is important. The only thing that is worse than not executing counseling is to do it incorrectly. This goes back to the leader’s time and how it should be valuable which mean it should never be wasted. If the counseling session is not set up properly it will be a major waste of time and the leader is responsible for the time of its subordinates especially when they are directly involved with it. I would like to make the following suggestions on how to make this time valuable and provide a return on the time invested. I must note that whenever I took control of an organization or group within 30 days of arrival I counseled everyone that was directly under me. If you are a leader and you do not do this you are heading for problems. The problems may not be problems you can’t fix, but why create additional problems just to repair them? Instead use steps to avoid this situation entirely. This is the right solution. Now, I am not suggesting that because of counseling there won’t still be problems or they won’t exist it just means you will be prepared for them. It also means a leader will be able to catch some …show more content…
It does matter what kind of counseling the prior session was because it will influence the follow-up session. This is another area that leaders tend to take for granted, but it is very useful in establishing the fact that you as the leader will be checking to see if what has be discussed and established is actually being accomplished. It should be noted that if these steps are not done then the rest of the process has been for nothing. It will make you as a leader look incompetent and your time not very valuable. This is not the message you wish to send to your subordinates so please conduct timely follow-ups to complete the cycle of

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