Questions On Cognitive Impairments And Assessments Essay examples

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Client 1 (Jake):
1. Cognitive impairments and assessments: The first cognitive impairment that might be contributing to Jake’s problem is a deficit in content-dependent (long-term) memory. According to Jake’s report, he has deficits in both declarative and non-declarative memory. Declarative memory includes semantic memory, which is the storage of facts and word meanings. Non-declarative memory includes implicit memory, which entails procedural and priming memory. Jake reported that he has adequate comprehension of material as he is reading, but later is unable to recall that information. This is consistent with deficits in semantic memory. Jake also reported that he experiences difficulty with using strategies including extensive repetition and note taking. Jake’s inability to use implicit strategies to recall information that was previously read suggests a deficit in this area. An assessment that I would use to further examine Jake’s long-term memory is the Ross Information Processing Assessment, Second Edition (RIPA-2). The RIPA-2 was developed for people who sustained traumatic brain injuries and includes subtests for memory and organization. This assessment is fairly quick to administer, which is important for a patient who sustained a TBI and might present with attention deficits. Jake made it clear that he would participate in limited testing, so a rapid administration would be preferable for this client. Additionally, this assessment gives good information about…

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