Questionnaire On Chinese E Books Habits Ware Made By Sojump, The Biggest Chinese Online Questionnaire Service Platform

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Questionnaires about Chinese e-book reading habits ware made by Sojump, the biggest Chinese online questionnaire service platform since 2006. The questionnaire web link was circulate to Wechat users from 2016 June 22 to July 1. Since Wechat is the most popular social media application in China (China Internet Network Information Center, 2015), the questionnaire can be circulate to a large number of people in a short time. According to the record on the website, 585 valid questionnaires were collected in 10 days. Relevant analysis is based on the data collected from these questionnaires.
The Questionnaire has two different editions based on the different answers to the question “Do you read e-books?” One edition is for people who have the habit to read e-books. And the other is for people who did not read e-books. There are nineteen questions with fixed answer options for e-book readers to illustrate their reading habit. In the other edition which designed for people who did not read e-books, some questions were replaced to figure out why they did not read e-books and in what case would they accept to read e-books.

It can be seen from the survey that the e-book reading rate is very high among the participants. More than 92 percent of the participants claim to have read an e-book in the past. This figure is much higher than a similar official statistic. According to the report of CAPP (Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, 2016), 64 percent of Chinese adult…

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