Essay on Questionnaire On Children With Disabilities

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1. I went with my instinct and chose (a) try as discreetly as possible to walk away and instruct the kids it is not polite to ask in that way. That is what I would have done in the past but after reading the author’s choice, (b) explaining that he has a disability and ask if he will tell your children more about himself, I see it in a new way. My answer comes from my feelings of when I am in the grocery store; I am on a mission and do not care to be bothered. I agree with the author that we should utilize opportunities like this one to break down walls regarding people with disabilities. I also think it is a great idea to get the children involved with organizations for people with disabilities; raising their awareness and knowledge of disabilities.

2. I answered (d), all of the above, because if I would probably wish I had not offered assistance to someone if they were mean to me. I probably would have assumed they were in a bad mood. I also could see disabled people getting tired of being asked if they need assistance. The author answered (c), you have just met a person in a bad mood. I agree with the author that just because you encounter one grumpy person doesn 't mean you can categorically say all people are a certain way as that would be stereotyping.

3. The author and I agreed on this one as I have never heard of a blind airline pilot (b). Yes, you can be whatever you want to be but safety is the main concern in this question.

4. My…

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