Quantitative Research On Human Resource Essay

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Using Quantitative Research in Human Resource
During this scholarly activity, I will identify several quantitative methods and tools used in Human Resource (HR) Departments in the decision making process. Second, I will discuss how these methods, tools are effective, and in which context they yield the best results. Next, I will give some examples of how various companies or organizations have used these methods and tools and the results they received. Finally, I will apply my opinion to the future of quantitative research in human resource departments as well as in general use of a business or organization as a whole. An organizations Human Resource Department has a duty to itself to utilize quantitative methods and tools to help understand employees on a deeper level. This can be accomplished using varying methods thereby giving employees the confidence and ability to speak openly and honestly to help make the company stronger and more profitable through needed changes as well as first hand monitoring.
Quantitative Methods Used in HR Departments Ncube, Bussin & De Swardt (2013) stated questionnaires and general surveys are a vital part of getting information from your employees, especially when trying to understand general issues or when tracking changes made within the organization. Validity and reliability of the survey or questionnaire require using a decent population sample in relation to the size of your organization. Surveys methods include…

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