Qualities That You Consider To Be The Most Important Qualities Of A Successful Marriage And Family Therapy

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I. Personal Philosophy
A. Discuss your personal philosophy of life. What ideas, values, and preferences guide you? A person’s life philosophy is dependent on their life experience. Growing up, I was the kid who flinched when someone put a hand on my shoulder, packed my own lunches, and brushed my younger sibling’s teeth. I taught my brothers how to ride bikes, swim, and helped them figure out their homework. I was the boogeyman chaser; I wasn’t allowed to be afraid because I knew the real monster was asleep in the next room. At times, I sat breathless, pressing my whole body weight up against my bedroom door, begging to disappear, and praying that the door holds as a body rammed against it from the other side. By high school, I found my
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Describe the qualities that you consider to be the most important qualities of a successful marriage and family therapist. What do you think of the qualities we have listed as important in these application materials? A respectable and successful marriage and family therapist must be ethical, an effective relationship builder, genuine and empathic, culturally sensitive, show fortitude, and utilize refined active listening skills. Ethics are the foundation for every credible, effective, and meaningful therapeutic practice. A successful marriage and family therapist must adhere to the AAMFT Code of Ethics. An influential marriage and family therapist must take into account their own biases, which stem from their socioeconomic status, education, religious beliefs, and life experiences. An ethical marriage and family therapist must have the ability to acknowledge and step back from their own lives outside of the therapist- client relationship to ensure that they can make objective observations to benefit the client(s) therapeutic journey. Engaging in ethical practices also includes actively seeking to understand the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making, as well as, continue their education to best assist their clients and further their personal and professional …show more content…
Discuss your reactions to the NIU Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. What appeals to you and what concerns you about the program? The NIU Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy appealed to me because of the hands-on experience gained from the Couple and Family Therapy Clinic, the program’s diversity, and the positive working relationship between faculty and students. While reading the program outcomes and student learning outcomes outlined on the NIU SMFT educational outcomes; I felt that I would gain valuable knowledge and guidance that would prepare me for a successful and successful career serving families, couples, and individuals. I like that I will gain quality clinical experience and receive close faculty

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