Overview Of A Family Nurse Practitioner

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Role Preparation Paper
R. Michael March
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Role Preparation Paper
A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a health professional that specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of patients with a wide age range, from children to the elderly. They are licensed registered nurses with advance academic and clinical training affording them an increased skill set. Nurse practitioners provide both medical and nursing care under their own licenses. As healthcare providers, the NP can write medical orders, prescribe medications, and direct medical interventions for patients. State laws and the State’s Board of Nursing govern the scope of a Nurse Practitioner’s practice and either allow a practitioner
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In order to correctly examine and diagnose patients, a Nurse Practitioner must have a highly functional understanding of the impact of a disease process on the human body. It is from the knowledge of structure and function of systems in the presence or absence of disease that enable a NP to develop interventions. These scientific foundations paired with the nursing model allow holistic evidence based treatment in the context of person, health, and environment, which is the nursing paradigm. In my preparation to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have taken eight semester hours of human anatomy and physiology with dissection, numerous pre-specialty nursing classes focused on pathophysiology, three semester hours of advanced pathophysiology, and multiple hours of high-level clinical classes that are rooted in the understanding of pathophysiology. I personally find the knowledge of pathophysiology the most rewarding aspect of being a Nurse Practitioner. I feel that a detailed understanding of the structure and function allows for better “troubleshooting” for problems that are not textbook in presentation. Firm knowledge of pathophysiology is akin to superpowers when it comes to diagnostic reasoning. It is my goal to always be improving my understanding of anatomy and physiology in the context of pathophysiology, which will undoubtedly make me a better …show more content…
I finish this program now a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more excited knowing that I am part of something big. In my entrance essay, I wrote of how I longed to be a productive member of a community. I talked about how I hope to be an example to my daughters and instill in them the ideals of selfless service and helping those in need. The day is nearly here where I will be doing those things in my essay. I fully embrace the role of Family Nurse Practitioner. I understand it is a commitment to lifelong learning, continuous personal growth, and selfless service. I relish the thought. I envision practicing in a rural underserved community where I know the people and they know me. I hope to make a difference in the quality of life for my community and my family. What a tremendous opportunity, to be a Nurse Practitioner. I can’t wait to get started!

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