Qualities Of A Good Friend Essay

727 Words Apr 5th, 2016 3 Pages
In today’s society and cultures, friendships are important, but in order to have a friend, you must be a friend. Qualities of a good friend have numerous attributes such as good communication, understanding, trusting and dependability.
It does not take hard work to be someone’s friend, or a good friend. Factors like race, religion, backgrounds, or ethnics should not matter when choosing our friends. Each person, regardless of gender, needs to have a good friend in their life. A good friend can help you see things in a different prospective that you would not have seen otherwise. What does matter in choosing friends is all the ingredients to make a good friend is present such as; communication, understanding, trust and dependability. Each friend is unique in their own individual way. However, you want certain characteristic in each one for it to be a friendship that’s last a lifetime. A friend is someone you feel comfortable talking to. Communication between friends is very important and allows both of you to share and express problems, secrets, and/or feelings one is experiencing. A friend is someone you choose to share your dreams with. At times, two friends can talk for hours on plans for the future with our families and places we want to go.
Friends will listen to each other, as they share with the other one their problems, fears, worries and heartbreaks. They may empathize with, show support, and offer helpful advice or insight if experienced themselves. Sometimes…

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