Essay on Putting an End to Abortion

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Putting an end to Abortion Taking away a life should never be acceptable, especially taking away a life that didn’t even have a chance to come to this world. At least we have a choice on what to do with our lives, but what about the innocent creatures that haven’t done anything? Why do they deserve to die? This case it’s clear that abortion takes away innocent lives of babies that could easily been saved or given away to a family who could have taken in the child or simply adopted them. Keeping abortion as an option in my opinion is the easy way out for teens and young adults. Making mistakes is a common error but it’s not a mistake when you decide to take a life away. By illegalizing abortion I feel that there will be a less percentage …show more content…
It’s understood that in the end people are going to do what they wish, but it’s the school’s job to at least convey to make better choices. There are many ways to avoid pregnancy the best would be to avoid sex and consider abstinence until you hit the right age. However you cannot control the actions of others but birth control pills and condoms are always an option. Abortion should not be the first thing that comes upon a human being when they realize they have become pregnant.
Choosing life over murder would be the best choice because killing innocence is the biggest crime one can commit. Websites like Planned Parenthood that help people who want to get an abortion also states that there are over 39,000 women who consider abortion yearly. It’s a true fact that over 30 million children have been killed ever since abortion law was passed and legalized in 1973. [Teenage pregnancy 96] life should be valued not thrown away. This also ties in religion and where we are all given one life, and it is also pertained in the fifth commandment that god has given us “thou should not kill”. Even though many people argue life doesn’t began until you are given birth, there is many lies associated with that because your killing something that is about to come into this life. Everyone deserves a chance to take a breath just because it can’t speak up doesn’t mean that you can take away its life.
There are so many adults in this world that would do anything to have a

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