Pursuing Higher Education Within The United States Essay

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Those pursuing higher education within the United States are facing financial obstacles and unfair opportunity, directly in relation to those living within poverty. Whether or not our upcoming generations will be given the same, if not a greater opportunity towards higher education, is dependent on the decision pertaining towards educational reform. An individuals pursuit towards higher education needs to be addressed when the affordability spectrum dilutes the fairness of equal opportunity: all individuals are entitled towards becoming educated regardless of their families financial status. The generating concern from both the public as well as the government is a reflection of the severity pertaining to this issue; which ensures that educational reform needs to be considered. We, the people of this country should be given education as a right and while the topic continues to be debated, the rise of our Nations educational debt will unfortunately continue to grow. The Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings has brought this issue forward by creating a National Commission to address Higher Education on a governmental level; the National Commission is directing the attention towards the countries costs and accountability pertaining to higher education. (Archiblad, 268). The public perception apear to be paying their attention towards the concern of long-term debt, and that individuals are beginning to perceive higher education as more of a risk rather than a possible…

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