Analysis Of Robert Applebaum 'Cancel Student Loan Debt To Stimulate The Economy'

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A student can only do so much when it comes to borrowing money. In some cases, money can be the reason why students cannot or decides not to finish school. Many young adults have the goal to continue their education after high school and only some finish college without owning a single cent to the bank, while others struggle to manage debt after graduation, and sometimes those who drop out and have to pay for an unreceived credit. Or so to speak. One such student and former assistant district attorney, author Robert Applebaum, wrote “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy” after he realized he could not support himself nor pay off his student loans while working as an assistant DA. Applebaum argues that student loan debt should be cancelled for the following reason: forgiving student loan debt will attribute to a growing economy. Hence, the title. But further into his article, his attempts to appeal to readers’ emotions weaken his credibility and, eventually, argument.
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His transition merely creates a sympathetic image. Applebaum notes the “silver bullet” (79) and defends responsible people who did nothing but pursue a higher education (80). The image he captures of the vulnerabilities of borrowing money from the bank and the strong emotions a student would feel if they cannot remain consistent academically, inefficiently supports the argument. His achievement is to make the reader, specifically the middle-class, think about his suggestion to eventually join him and his motion for the government to forget student loan debts, which makes the reader sympathize with students who feel desperate and burdened; not pity. Another feeling Applebaum encourages with his word of choice is the idea of forgiveness: “Free up money for hardworking, educated Americans,” and “All we need is relief from debt.” These words help establish the wanted forgiveness, but, again, weakens his

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