Essay about Pursuing A Higher Education College

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After two years of going to community college, I have learned many things that have prepared me to be ready to pursue my degree. As a first college generation, there are many obstacles along the way that can be challenging to overcome, but I have learned to be determined and to never give up on my goals.
There are many circumstances that are beyond my control and that can empower me, but these two years of college have thought me to fight for my goals and not lose focus on the big picture. When I graduated high school, my goal was to attend to a four-year university and start working towards my degree plan. I worked hard to attend to a university but the lack of money impeded me to go. I felt disappointed of myself, but as a person who always wants to pursue a higher education, I refused to accept that it was all over. I had plan b, and that was to attend community college and graduate with my associate’s degree, and then once I reached my goal I would attend a university where I could develop my skills, and grow as an individual. During these few years, I have maintained hope, and I have worked towards my goals, and I have learned that just because things did not turn out how I was expecting, it does not mean I have to throw the towel and surrender. On the contrary, it means I have to learn from this experience and keep on working hard to achieve my objective. Life will give you trials and expect you to give up, but it is up to you to be persistent and keep your eyes on the…

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