Pursuing A Career For Psychology With A Bachelor 's Degree Essay

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Pursuing a career in psychology with a Bachelor’s degree, will most likely not achieve my desired goal. However, it will get me close enough to feed into my desire goal, and that is working with people on a personal level while having the ability to aid them to personal growth.
Currently, the traits I possess from Davis, (2014) review table, on (p. 25) which will enhance my marketability are honesty/integrity. I did not learn this in my childhood; these personality traits are part of a lifelong process. According to the author of Theories of Personalities, (2013) stresses, personality traits are an accumulation of learned responses or habit systems. Teamwork skills, I acquired in the military, twenty-two years of learning to work as a team. During my education, I learned to work closely in statistics, we had group projects, I quickly learned, not everybody has the personality trait to work on a team. However, being a learning to be a team player in the military carried over into my civilian life. I brought this trait with me as I volunteer for organization that deal with children. This trait has also taught me the value of being a team player. According to Hunter, (1998) author of The Servant, teamwork skills fall under the leadership model, adding authority, service and sacrifice into the pyramid. All great qualities to bring to your future employer.
Communication skills, because I do not have a problem with verbal communication, however, I do need to cultivate my…

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