Personal Essays: The Purpose Of A Personal Essay

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Pointless. Spend hour upon hour thinking about deep and meaningful metaphors to impress your teacher for what purpose? Occupy your days contemplating the most spectacular and breath-taking experience you can think of, but why? The purpose of a personal essay in my opinion should not be concerning who has had the most traumatic life experience but about who can ultimately give the reader a true look inside them. This unfortunately I simply cannot do. Personal essays have always been a chore and a tedious task to me. Not to mention the small success rates. It is difficult enough to think of a fascinating topic, but then they expect you to write about your feelings and discuss them? It cannot just be me who dreads the moment we need to hand in the little monster we call the …show more content…
This includes me. I am physically incapable of thinking about expressive ways to convey how I feel. My past two personal essays have consisted of phrases like “I felt betrayed and unloved” and even “I was so upset.” This is about as varied as my images and language choices seem to get, much to my teachers disapproval. Not to mention my horrendous word choice such as ‘bad’ and ‘good’ in multiple previous essays. So anyone can plainly see the pain I endure whilst writing deeply emotional imagery in an attempt (which usually fails) to impress. At least I’ll never have the problem of my imagination running away from me. Past attempts, you may have gathered, therefore were not very successful at all. I battled with every aspect of my last essay, from the threatening introduction to the horrendous encounter with the conclusion, not to mention the fight with the body of the essay. These traumatic past experiences are what encouraged me to write this ‘inspirational’ essay today. I’ll even admit it is much easier to write about my dislike of writing a personal essay than to write a genuine

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