Reflective Essay: Three Words For Meaning

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I am not one to brag. I have no reason to. Bragging is, in my opinion, a selfish way to assert oneself and make oneself seem better than another. There is really no point, and it almost never leads to another person respecting you. People gain respect through their actions and through their experience, not through what they say about themselves. With this in mind, I will not strive to write an essay that will attempt to put me above everyone else by choosing words such as “helpful” or “brave”. I will write an essay using three words that best describe me as a human, because humans are imperfect and have much to improve upon. Inexperienced I am very inexperienced. I have learned very little so far. I am 16 years old, and have essentially no information about the world around me. Of course if I needed to I could carry out some semi-advanced mathematics, sciences, explain a bit about certain aspects of history, or write a good essay (hopefully). But nearly everyone can do this, because they have gone to school. Unfortunately, school is not even a fraction of a …show more content…
But that sentence in and of itself was a brag. Throughout this essay, I have been bragging without meaning to. I am unsure whether you have noticed it, but I have, and I am sorry if it seems as though this essay seems condescending because of it. As much as I hate bragging about myself, I do not think that I will be able to find a viable way around it in order to write a personal essay. Too me at least, whenever I talk about myself, I see it as bragging, so writing this essay is extremely difficult just because I can not come to grips with talking about myself in a positive way. I would much more comfortable with someone writing an essay about me, because they know my character, whereas I have an extremely biased internal view. Everyone, (including me) is biased to themselves, and will have a strenuous time trying not to talk about themselves

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