Essay on Public Speaking - Friends and Friendship.

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Friends and friendship.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about who are friend, and what is friendship.
Central Idea: friends are people whom will always be at your side whenever you need to express or share your feeling and do some activities with them.

Introduction I. It was a few years ago when I saw a group of teenagers do some bully to a teenager. However, that teenager didn’t report their activities to police but he got back up by some other teenagers whose are his friend came to help him out. II. When I saw this incident, I have learnt that friends are essential whenever we are in pinch. III. They could help us out whenever we in serious
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2. They will give us some good advice to rebuild strength on facing any troubles.

(Transition: Given there about everlasting friendship, I’m sure you want to know what’s next.)

III. Friendship will give us courage to go through life. A. Friends, they are the only source of our brave hearts. 1. Friends will make us show more efforts and spirits when doing something that we can’t do before. 2. Friends will come to us to help us solve our problems.

B. Friendship is one of our sources to become brave while making some activities that need more courage. 1. Friendship gives courage to our mind and body. 2. Friends will help us to escape from big troubles.

Conclusion I. As we have look through there are lots things to consider about friends and friendship. II. Friends are the most precious treasure to us and we need to keep it in good condition. III. In case of getting some friends, you need to find the loyal friends in your life so that your relationship will become worthy at the end.


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