Public Shooting And Terrorist Attacks Laws Essay

1185 Words Apr 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Even before September 11, 2001 terrorism and shootings have been a problem across the United States. People have begun to say “guns are killing people so let 's get rid of them all.” While this may seem like the right idea at first, there are many other types of weapons out there and it would become rather pointless and also quite dangerous. To take away all guns would be like taking away a vital security system. If all guns were taken average citizens would not be able to defend themselves against criminals who made people want to ban the guns in the first place. To help prevent public shooting and terrorist attacks laws should be put in place in all states allowing open carry of a handgun without a permit and concealed carry with a permit. Open carry is described as “the practice of openly carrying a firearm on one 's person in public”(Google). “Though federal law doesn’t restrict the open carrying of handguns in public, several states—including California, Florida, Illinois, New York, South Carolina and Texas—ban the practice, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Thirteen states require a special permit or license to open carry. The remaining 31 states don’t require one” (Molla). These laws apply to handguns; there are different laws for long guns, which are associated with hunting. Concealed carry is defined as “the practice of carrying a concealed firearm on one 's person in public”(Google). As of July 2013 concealed carry is now legal in all…

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