Public Service: A Career As A Police Officer

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Public service is very honorable, although any career in public service is righteous policing Is a career that calls my name. despite the many controversial issues that revolve around police officers and policing I truly believe that police officers are here to help. becoming a police officer is not an easy road, although the job only requires a high school diploma further education is expected, not only do You have to be educated, but you have to be diverse and well rounded because of the different people and different situations you face every day. Aside from it being an honorable career as a police officers salary accommodates you well.

The only educational requirement for becoming a police officer is a high school diploma, although most
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The job is to catch those who violate the laws, “…collect facts and evidence that have to do with criminal activity.” Furthermore, police officers are the first to be notified of a situation, upon arriving they secure the deceased body and obtain evidence. As well as they examine the crime scenes, this is locating evidence such as fibers, loose hairs, clothing, or weapons. While in the office police officers , “[Maintain] detailed written crime reports and filling out paperwork ” and “[Prepare] cases to testify in a court of law on behalf of the prosecution” With all that police officers do on a daily basis, most of them are scheduled to work full-time schedules, as well as working paid over time. Police officers work paid overtime on weeknight, weekends, and holidays, this is done to be able to provide 24/7 protection for the citizens. while on the job they work closely with other members in the public service, as well as medical units. The job description also includes; speaking, active listening, social perceptiveness, critical thinking, Reading comprehension, judgement and decision making, complex problem solving. Speaking is a very crucial part of the job because you are constantly interacting with many different people on a daily basis, when talking to others you have to effectively convey information from them. This is closely equivalent to active listening because you have to give your full attention to what people are saying. you are accountable to be able to listen carefully to people and their statements without interrupting and asking appropriate questions. Social Perceptiveness is constantly used, especially in dangerous situations because it is dire to be aware of others reactions and why they act the way they act. Critical thinking is to use logic and reasoning, this is mainly used in a time crunch, so you have to be fast to think in

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