Public Health Issues Affecting The Youth Population Essay examples

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One factor that those researching public health issues always have to consider is how certain health issues affect the youth population. This was the basis of Lynn Hernandez’s, PhD, study on how adolescents perceive certain risk factors that come with unprotected sex, specifically HIV and AIDS. Hernandez presented her findings at the Connecticut College colloquium series in Silfen Auditorium, Bill Hall, on Monday, December 5th, 2016 at 4:30pm. The colloquium was titled “Understanding Latino Adolescents’ Perception on Drinking, Sex and HIV: Just One Piece of the Cultural Adaptation Puzzle.” As seen with the title, the research was mostly centered on Latino adolescents, the risk factors that come with drinking at a younger age, the implications an adolescent might have about unprotected sex, and the measures a psychologist must take in order to reach out to more minority groups. Hernandez started by introducing and explaining the term cultural adaptation, which is, as she puts it, “any modification to an empirically supported treatment to accommodate the cultural beliefs, attitude, and behaviors, of a population” (Hernandez, 2016). In short, it highlights the importance of cultural competence when broadcasting a message that must be internalized by the target community. There are many health professionals that may speak the language, but linguistic proficiency does not equate the cultural competence needed to reach the individuals. This rift in cultural adaptation is seen…

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